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On a Mission to Create Our Zero Waste Nation and Globe

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Message From the Founder


Trash On Your Back Founder Diana Dehm
with Scott Jenkins and Matt Bogoshian

Hello Everyone,

This grassroots 5-day challenge began on Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio, when I asked Drew Jones of MIT Climate Interactive Team: “What is your passion?” It led to a crazy idea, then to a joke, and finally to a reality that is changing the world: carry trash on your back for 5 straight days, feel how much trash you really produce, measure your contribution to landfills, and become motivated to reduce it.

If anyone world have told me five years ago that we would all be carrying our trash on our backs to educate ourselves on how we could create a zero waste nation and globe, I would have shook my head and said you’re crazy! Yet here we are, discovering, innovating and changing the world’s perception of trash all together. Who knew our trash also impacts food security, energy, carbon, water, air, the economy, and humanity?

Thanks to all of you brave Trash On Your Back Challengers from around the world! Cheers to the dedicated people who come together in support of our next generation, and for grabbing a bag and carrying it with you, answering the questions of complete strangers who come up and ask you “what the heck you are doing?” Experiencing our own personal trash impact enables us to make critical decisions in creating a sustainable planet together. We look at huge initiatives happening today, and sometimes forget about how our own simple, personal decisions can make a big impact.

So grab a bag and join us. I promise you will laugh, think, make new friends, and become truly creative in reducing your impact. I bet that you will create new innovations in your homes, schools, businesses, and organizations that will come naturally without even knowing it.

Thanks everybody, we are ALL in this together!

Diana Dehm

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.”
—Margaret Mead