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IMG_10410654506435“Carry your @trashonyourback for one week and I guarantee you’ll laugh, meet new friends, and change the way you consume. Join us in this grass roots effort to discover a better way to play.”

— Scott Jenkins, Chairman, Green Sports Alliance,
& Stadium General Manager, Atlanta Falcons / AMB Sports & Entertainment Group


Take trash out to the ballpark!

Take trash out to the ballpark!

“I first took the TOYB Challenge in 2012 and wow, what a blast! Not only was it just fun to do but once I took the leap, packed my bag around for a week and got a few “looks”, it gave me an easy way to talk to people about what I was learning and how they could do it too. I made lots of friends! The funny thing is, I always thought I did okay myself at reducing, reusing and recycling but when I had to actually carry around my own trash and then later measure how I did compared to the average, I realized that I could do way better. So I learned a few lessons the first time and took the challenge again in 2013. This time I did better but I still have a long wholesale nfl jackets raiders way to go. The good news is, in 2013 there were way more people taking the Challenge; schools, towns and even pro sports teams are Cheap NFL Jackets starting nfl jackets from china to get in the act! The other cool thing about the TOYB Challenge is that anyone can be a part of it, it’s free, and you can choose how you decide to manage yourself and your own personal trash during the challenge and thereafter. It’s just a simple open source idea that each of us can use to prevent pollution and have some fun along the way.”

— Matt Bogoshian, Senior Policy Counsel at the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, US EPA

past-04“The Trash on Your Back 5 Day Challenge experience brought to real life how much trash each person in nfl jackets australia our country produces on a daily basis. This experience definitely changed my lifestyle as far as being aware of everything I use and recycle. The Growth of The Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio Trash on Your Back 5 Day Challenge has been phenomenal and has cheap wholesale nfl jackets expanded to all corners of the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Jamaica, Uganda and includes other countries. During the past year my spouse Margo and I participated while in California attending college activities at UC Davis Campus, and meeting with sponsors for our upcoming Green Schools National Conference which is being held in Sacramento, California, March 27-29, 2014. The response and interest was phenomenal from the college students to the corporations we met with. We carried our trash everywhere, in and out of restaurants, public parks, etc. We look forward to participating again in 2014 and will highlight the Trash on Your Back 5 Day Challenge at our conference to increase awareness with our goal of all conference attendees participating.”

— Jim McGrath, President/CEO, Green Schools National Network