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On a Mission to Create Our Zero Waste Nation and Globe

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Contribution Levels

  • $1 – “One Dollar for Zero Waste”
  • $10 – “Stand Up To Trash”
  • $25 – “Taking Out the Trash”
  • $50 – “Trash Trawler”
  • $100 – “Zero Waste Oceans Supporter”
  • $250 or more – “Zero Waste Planet Supporter”

905375_10200881774583770_1448486466_oBy contributing to Trash On Your Back, you’ll help us educate and activate thousands of children & adults everywhere to support creating our zero waste nation and globe. Your funds enable us to:

  • Implement the Trash On Your Back 5-Day Challenge year round.
  • Eliminate trash going to our two largest landfills today: our Earth and our oceans.
  • Support fun opportunities in math and science for kids to learn about zero waste.
  • Save the nation millions of dollars by educating citizens about lowering our environmental footprint.
  • Create educational films revealing trash impacts, to be used in schools and businesses.
  • Showcase what the future can look like as zero waste initiatives progress.
  • Connect the dots and drive innovation of new clean product development, businesses, and school systems.
  • Create a global team to support schools and businesses lower their trash impact
  • Re-engineer waste determination processes, in cooperation with large waste haulers, businesses, government agencies, non-profits to benefit every human on the planet.


Thank you for your support in making a sustainable trash difference on the planet.

“If we can walk on the moon then we can create a zero waste nation and globe for our next generation.”
Diana Dehm