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On a Mission to Create Our Zero Waste Nation and Globe

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Be a Trash On Your Back 5-Day Challenger!

Join us on Earth Day Week: April 18–22, 2016 (or any time – contact us)

How to Participate

  1. Register for a Trash On Your Back AccountIsrael TOYB
  2. Print a copy of the Trash On Your Back Participant Label on recycled paper and tape it to a nike nfl Jerseys on sale clear, compostable bag.
  3. Fill your bag with everything you would normally throw out: recyclables, compostables, and trash to landfill, for all to see!
  4. Challenge yourself to reduce your trash so you don’t have to carry so much stuff all week. Learn your options and do your part.
  5. Carry your bag everywhere on your back – to class, work, the gym, airplanes, dinner, parties, everywhere! It’s your best friend for 5 days.
  6. Share your experience by uploading your photos and experiences to the Trash On Your Back Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to join in.
  7. Tune into Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio® with Diana Dehm for the latest podcasts and check out Trash News & Media.
  8. At the end nike nfl Jerseys elite of the week, separate your trash and weigh – in pounds:
    1. Recyclables (paper, cardboard, cheap nike nfl Jerseys china wholesale glass, plastic, metals)
    2. Compostables (wet trash is an easy way to determine compostable – e.g., potato peelings, egg shells, apple cores, food scraps, yard trimmings)
    3. Trash to Landfill (items that do not fall into categories above)
  9. Report your results to the Trash On Your Back Calculator!
  10. Check back for a full report on the average trash weight per person and how you stacked up against fellow challengers – see if you’re the heavyweight or lightweight champion.

Bonus Level: Take all of your trash that would normally go to a landfill and make something out of it. Make a dress, hat, bracelet, or innovate a new product. See if you can reuse everything you had refused. Then share your photos and videos on our social media pages and maybe your creations will show up on our bonus level media gallery!

Discover what you’ll do to avoid carrying a full bag of Trash On Your Back.

drew jones son“Back in 1989, we enlisted 120 fellow students and faculty to carry their trash nike nfl Jerseys wholesale usa around in clear plastic bags, for a week. Every pizza box, beer can, plastic fork … all went into the bag. It was like walking around with a different set of glasses, with participants’ experiences a radical transformation as they had a chance to see the long-term implications of their actions”
– Drew Jones